Today, I thought I’d drop something hot on your plate real quick and hope you hola back.

Picture this – your friend has met somebody cool and the two get along better than South Africa’s former Number 1 and a family from India. The love affair blossoms and they live that glorious life of being in love; sharing ama-Streetwise Two, pushing that McFlurry buzz, smiling animatedly and squeezing the blood out of each other’s permanently held hands. It’s beautiful. Sometimes it gets annoying but ke, your friend is in love and these are the human moments we live for.

The scenario is picture perfect until one day, you are strolling merrily around a shopping mall with a mayo, cheese, chilli and onion wors roll in your hand and there, outside Mr Price, your friend’s lover is sucking the life out of someone else’s mouth. The kiss is intense and you stare for several long seconds before the offending partner turns and sees you standing there…



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