I voted for the first time today and I did not vote for a smiling face on an election poster. I did not vote for a certain man or woman who leads a political organisation. I did not vote based on the size of the rallies held by any party. I was not influenced by the musicians who drift from rally to rally entertaining supporters. I was not swayed by politicians pushing their gimmicky hustle for votes on trees, in helicopters or behind microphones belting out struggle songs which have been adapted to suit each organisation.

I was not inspired by the desire to vote against a particular group; my vote is too valuable. I didn’t vote a certain way because I think some people should try careers outside of politics. I did not vote for the most eloquent speaker. I did not spoil my ballot. I read some of the manifestos and quite frankly, a lot of them are copies of each other except for the numbers which leave you wondering how these people will make this happen.

When I voted for the first time today, I voted for the return of Africa’s land to its original owners; Africans. I believe Africa can achieve its goals for social and financial freedom when the land is owned by the people who work it. A continent as abundantly blessed as Africa is, should not be as poor as we are. There should be no hungry mouths in Africa and yet…

There are no guarantees where politicians and election promises are concerned. I am aware of this but, as things stand, I’m happy to have broken my election virginity by putting faith in the fact that it’s only right for land which was taken, ruthlessly so, to be returned to those who have bled and cried and struggled for centuries. As far as I’m concerned, Mayibuye iAfrika!

Read the Natives Land Act of 1913, the legal framework for the systematic removal of black South Africans from their land.


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