I follow a blogger with a beautiful mind and an out-of-the-box way with words which always moves me. Devyn Stella has a refreshing take on things and her writing is both entertaining and thought-provoking. “South Africa in 2013; Critical but Stable Conditions” is Stella’s report on the news stories that shocked, disgusted and intrigued the country in 2013. The post makes for interesting reading, especially since we are heading to the elections and voters will exercise their right to a single vote in order to make sure that we don’t see a repeat of some of last year’s news headlines…hopefully. I welcome Devyn Stella as the first guest blogger on A Blog Like No Other.


‘Critical but stable’ this phrase was so overused at some point in this country in the year 2013, it’s a shame that it hasn’t been added to any new revised versions of famous South African phrases compilations.

For the sake of not letting the phrase go into waste, I have created my own critical but stable conditions that shook our country this year alone. Without any further blabbing let us get into these conditions:

>>>>Sheryl Cwele, I know I’m unlucky but that girl must have really displeased whichever god she kneels down to. I mean the not so poor girl was only trying to make a quick illegal buck on the side. Drug trafficking of a high profile municipal official and wife of the STATE SECURITY minister, drew eyes from all parts of South African persons – even backyard vendors who are sometimes drug dealers in their own right…

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