If you are getting ready for exams, if you are preparing for a presentation that could fast-track your success, if you have a demo to send to a fancy studio, if you are working on a book, if you are trying to put together a fashion show or an event, if you want to be South Africa’s next top model, if you are trying to open a shop, if you are looking for funding, if you are working towards your first million, if you want to write the State of the Nation address, if you are chasing a dream and pushing a hustle; today’s post is for you.

This dream ish doesn’t always come together overnight and the dream chase is not for the weak. Here are some people who held on and came out tops.

  • Had it not been for the encouragement of his father, Kaizer Motaung never would have gone ahead with his dream to form his own football club called Kaizer Chiefs! Khosi fans, now you know who to thank for the greatest team in the country; Mr. Ceyland Motaung…otherwise ngabe siz’thola nge-Platinum Stars.
  • Patrice Thlopane Motsepe was a schoolteacher who owned a spaza shop.
  • Like Missy Elliot, Marilyn Monroe was once told that she was not beautiful and talented enough to be famous.
  • The late Chief Justice Pius Langa used to work in a shirt factory.
  • Some idiot fired Walt Disney for lacking good ideas and an exciting imagination.
  • President Jacob Zuma was a goat-herder for crying out loud! These days, he’s out here running ish and making it rain like an American rap star.
  • Before he joined FC Barcelona, a soccer team refused to pay Lionel Andrés Messi Cuccittini’s medical bills of around R 10 000 a month and gave him a miss.
  • Reggae artist Lucky Phillip Dube was once a gardener. His death remains a sad reminder of the South African crime problem.
  • Whitney Elizabeth Houston, the woman who could draw huge crowds to sold-out venues within a couple of days, used to sing inside the empty swimming pool of her childhood home.
  • Academy Award winner Sidney Poitier was advised to try a career as a dishwasher the first time he went to an audition.
  • They said Oprah Winfrey didn’t have a face for television.
  • J.K. Rowling, the author of the Harry Potter series, used to live on a government grant.

The world is full of people who failed, people who failed a few times, people who’ve had a long stretch of failures one after the other and people who have yet to experience failure on a grand scale.  Don’t dwell too much on failure or pay attention to haters. Figure out what you need to learn from your failure and quickly move on. Stay strong.

One comment

  1. You are absolutely correct. All people who have made it in life also had their fair share of criticism and negative commentary from people in general and those close to them. The lesson here is to stick to your guns, no matter what and no matter how long. It’s a very fruitful trait. ”In each and every pain and discomfort, there is a relief”.


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