When Marilyn Monroe said: “If you give a girl the right pair of shoes, she can conquer the world”; we doubt she meant sneakers.

Stilettos are the champion of all shoes and an extreme sport for some women and, some men. The challenge is to choose a pair that a) will not squeeze the life out of your feet; b) you can walk in comfortably; and c) we can’t stress the importance of ‘b’ enough.

If you can’t strut your stuff in high heels, we have nothing for you except – practice.

The highest pair of heels

high heels

The certificate says it all; “the world’s highest heeled shoes commercially available”. Available for who? We’ll pass, thank you. – image –

Kanye West’s expensive sneakers

kanye west shoe

We don’t know why but they say this pair, owned by Kanye West, could cost as much as R 700 000! It looks rather unspectacular for that price tag. – image –

Jimmy Choo, that thing you do!

jimmy choo

When you have messed up BIG TIME with your girl, you need to go out and find this man >>> Jimmy Choo. Any colour and design will do. – image –

 You either LOVE or HATE these…


They come in boots too. As far as the blog is concerned, and mind you our word is not the gospel here but, the ‘skhothane uniform’ is wrong on many levels. – image –

World’s most expensive shoe


Here comes the glitz! This Kathryn Wilson creation is unique because the shoe is covered with diamonds from heel to gorgeous tippy toe. If you are still moaning about the price of a Riri concert ticket then you should just ‘smile and wave’ at this pair worth around R 3.5 million. – image –


zulu shoes

As we get into a taxi to KZN with Soul Brothers on the radio, and the lady and child combo next to me opens a ‘s’khaf’tin’ of dumpling and chicken; ‘khumbul’ekhaya’ sure! – image –

The world’s most famous shoes


Judy Garland wore these when she played ‘Dorothy’ in the Wizard of Oz. Clearly with shoes, beauty is not a prerequisite for fame. – image –

Thank God for Chuck Taylor

all star

American Joshua Mueller, the lucky bugger, holds the Guiness World Record for owning the most pairs. He owns 1546 pairs, all different to each other! – image –

Christian Louboutin, marry me.

christian louboutin


He’s French. He makes shoes that take your breath away. He is Christian Louboutin. – image –

The shoe that inspired today’s post

fb shoe

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